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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Modification of the Laser as per my choice

Well finally I did it..I managed to mod my 2003 GF Laser according to my choice or the way I would have liked the bike to have come from the company in the first place - the things that Kinetics neighbour and rival (Bajaj) intelligently adopted in their motorcycles and so on..
As I have mentioned earlier spares are extremely hard to comeby and the company is (in)famous for it's lack-lustre after sales service.It is after a long struggle of nearly 4 months that I'm close to sourcing most of the parts I needed for my bike...the spares department is still trying to co-ordinate things but they need constant reminding though.
Anyways,so far I have made a few changes to my bike (u'll have to look carefully to find most of the changes though) which include gear shifter and rear brake lever position are now like the good old GF125,changed paint job(solid RED all over) with OEM graphics,normal rear side indicators,3 piece handlebars - wanted to go for 2 piece clip-on s but as I had earlier mentioned the fairing was wronly designed and will not permit clip on s to be fitted and a mono-shock absorber from the Unicorn.

Check out the pictures at : My Laser
or visit my website at : RBA- VrooM!

Looking through my eyes

In most cases what these figures claimed the bike managed to achieve and the figures look promising as well but fate was on the wrong foot with this motorcycles but those who have rode the bike especially have cruised on highways on it for them it's the moment of bliss when the bike is revving past the 9500 rpm on the Tacho tearing the limitless National Highway - oh that makes you feel one with the bike as if you were the organic part of a machine - it's an unexplainable feeling that makes you attain spiritual high or should I say something as sinful as an orgasmic pleasure that makes you forget the extremely high maintainance costs and the unreliability of a Kinetic or for that matter trifle things like fuel average.

Some Quick Specs

Kinetic GF 170 Laser is the next benchmark in performance bikes from the Kinetic-Hyosung association after the much acclaimed cruiser Aquila. The Laser combines exceptional performance with styling, handling and comfort of riding. The GF Laser is given a fresh, sporty look with a half fairing, twin headlamps, dual tone color schemes and a dashboard-like instrument console.

  • Half fairing
  • Twin headlamps
  • Dual tone color schemes
  • A dashboard-like instrument console.
  • 4 stroke, 4 valve 166 cc engine
  • 15 bhp @ 8000 rpm
  • Counter balanced engine for minimized vibrations
  • 15 Nm torque @ 6000 rpm
  • Top speed 115 kmph
  • 0- 60 kmph in 6 seconds only!
  • Mileage 50 kmpl
  • 220 mm Disk brakes
  • Complete instrumentation - Digital Gear indicator, Tachometer, tripmeter , engine kill switch, passlight

ENGINE 4 Stroke, Air cooled, Single cylinder

Displacement IN CC 165.12

Max. Power Max. 14.8 BHP @ 8000

Torque 1.4 Kgm @ 6000

Pow. to wt. Ratio (Bhp/ton) 109.6

Bore x Stroke 60 x 58.4

Ignition DCI Ignition

Clutch Wet, Multiplate

Valve Train 4

Carburettor BS type (BS 29) Mikuni BS 29

History of the Kinetic GF 170 Laser "Sport Edition"

When Bajaj launched the Pulsar 150 Kinetic had launched the Hyosung GF125 to take on the Pulsar.The bike did manage to defeat the Pulsar in most aspects but if failed to catch the fancy of the Indian motorcyclist who was shy of owning something out of the ordinary or something that was bold or maybe due to the brand once again "Kinetic"...very strange are the ways of Indian Market and I dare not blame the consumers as those who had bought the GF125 are still crying foul as the bike is now out of production and spares are hard to comeby....might not have been the case if it had the Pulsar's fate...
Natural upgrade to the 125 was a re-engineered 165.12cc bore (done in-house at Pune) motorcycle with different colors was the GF 170 City - this bike was aimed to take on the Pulsar twins ie.150 and the 180 - hmm,Kinetic never learnt from their mistakes.A few good things were dropped from the good old GF 125 during this upgrade like the reclined front foot pegs and small gear shifter arrangement (as they were moving up into the lifestyle segment they were moving towards commuter segment styling - absolutely clueless again) and the all-black chassis and engine paint job were discarded for reasons only very well known to Kinetic.
Then somehow they managed to take out a bike with an attractive paint-job,half-fairing which is very wrongly designed and doesnt confirm to conventional fairing designs - looked good though with it's twin headlights (they were for show only - not recommended for night usage), a beautiful exhaust note ,the 4-valve high revving engine and the name GF 170 Laser "Sport Edition".


This is about the Kinetic GF 170 Laser motorcycle which was a long forgotten or rather un-noticed part of the Indian Motorcycle scene.Very few people in this country actually know that Kinetic had manufactured and sold this motorcycle in India.It is easy for one to find lots of on-lookers trying to identify whether it's a neatly done mod-job or if it's an import.Some mistake it for a Zma (Karizma).Not anyone was well aware of it's launch and given the reputation Kinetic enjoyed for it's after sales service the people who knew about this bike shyed away from it.To add to that it's launch coincided with two high profile launches ie. the Mighty Pulsar and the Upmarket Zma.The aggresive marketing by HH and Bajaj led to complete overshadowing of this motorcycle..completely neglected by the media as well.In other words the only thing that went against this bike was the company that manufactured it - for Kinetic it was a "test product" to check it's market acceptance level in the motorcycle scene - they were never really interested in the product.