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Saturday, June 30, 2007

History of the Kinetic GF 170 Laser "Sport Edition"

When Bajaj launched the Pulsar 150 Kinetic had launched the Hyosung GF125 to take on the Pulsar.The bike did manage to defeat the Pulsar in most aspects but if failed to catch the fancy of the Indian motorcyclist who was shy of owning something out of the ordinary or something that was bold or maybe due to the brand once again "Kinetic"...very strange are the ways of Indian Market and I dare not blame the consumers as those who had bought the GF125 are still crying foul as the bike is now out of production and spares are hard to comeby....might not have been the case if it had the Pulsar's fate...
Natural upgrade to the 125 was a re-engineered 165.12cc bore (done in-house at Pune) motorcycle with different colors was the GF 170 City - this bike was aimed to take on the Pulsar twins ie.150 and the 180 - hmm,Kinetic never learnt from their mistakes.A few good things were dropped from the good old GF 125 during this upgrade like the reclined front foot pegs and small gear shifter arrangement (as they were moving up into the lifestyle segment they were moving towards commuter segment styling - absolutely clueless again) and the all-black chassis and engine paint job were discarded for reasons only very well known to Kinetic.
Then somehow they managed to take out a bike with an attractive paint-job,half-fairing which is very wrongly designed and doesnt confirm to conventional fairing designs - looked good though with it's twin headlights (they were for show only - not recommended for night usage), a beautiful exhaust note ,the 4-valve high revving engine and the name GF 170 Laser "Sport Edition".

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