You're favorite 150cc Indian Sport Bike?

Saturday, June 30, 2007


This is about the Kinetic GF 170 Laser motorcycle which was a long forgotten or rather un-noticed part of the Indian Motorcycle scene.Very few people in this country actually know that Kinetic had manufactured and sold this motorcycle in India.It is easy for one to find lots of on-lookers trying to identify whether it's a neatly done mod-job or if it's an import.Some mistake it for a Zma (Karizma).Not anyone was well aware of it's launch and given the reputation Kinetic enjoyed for it's after sales service the people who knew about this bike shyed away from it.To add to that it's launch coincided with two high profile launches ie. the Mighty Pulsar and the Upmarket Zma.The aggresive marketing by HH and Bajaj led to complete overshadowing of this motorcycle..completely neglected by the media as well.In other words the only thing that went against this bike was the company that manufactured it - for Kinetic it was a "test product" to check it's market acceptance level in the motorcycle scene - they were never really interested in the product.

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Unknown said...

Hi there checked out your blog. Enjoyed your writing style........A bit sarcastic in places though.