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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Looking through my eyes

In most cases what these figures claimed the bike managed to achieve and the figures look promising as well but fate was on the wrong foot with this motorcycles but those who have rode the bike especially have cruised on highways on it for them it's the moment of bliss when the bike is revving past the 9500 rpm on the Tacho tearing the limitless National Highway - oh that makes you feel one with the bike as if you were the organic part of a machine - it's an unexplainable feeling that makes you attain spiritual high or should I say something as sinful as an orgasmic pleasure that makes you forget the extremely high maintainance costs and the unreliability of a Kinetic or for that matter trifle things like fuel average.

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Unknown said...

Very interesting description bro... and the mods are done with great taste...!! Awesome bro.. keep it up... now time for a bullet maybe..!!