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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Modification of the Laser as per my choice

Well finally I did it..I managed to mod my 2003 GF Laser according to my choice or the way I would have liked the bike to have come from the company in the first place - the things that Kinetics neighbour and rival (Bajaj) intelligently adopted in their motorcycles and so on..
As I have mentioned earlier spares are extremely hard to comeby and the company is (in)famous for it's lack-lustre after sales service.It is after a long struggle of nearly 4 months that I'm close to sourcing most of the parts I needed for my bike...the spares department is still trying to co-ordinate things but they need constant reminding though.
Anyways,so far I have made a few changes to my bike (u'll have to look carefully to find most of the changes though) which include gear shifter and rear brake lever position are now like the good old GF125,changed paint job(solid RED all over) with OEM graphics,normal rear side indicators,3 piece handlebars - wanted to go for 2 piece clip-on s but as I had earlier mentioned the fairing was wronly designed and will not permit clip on s to be fitted and a mono-shock absorber from the Unicorn.

Check out the pictures at : My Laser
or visit my website at : RBA- VrooM!


RE - VIEWS said...

Wonderfully written - The history of laser could have never been put so quaintly in a nutshell as written by this budding youngster - keep on revving and accelerating through the highways of life and may all the milestones be mere footnotes in dust to the able commands of ur kinetic pleasure.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for posting this comment...infact I think comments such as yours works as encouragement and makes the restoration job of this bike even more wonderful experience for me.