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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The bike was never designed for the city...

Been a long time since I had last posted. I feel the bike was never designed for city riding. Unfortunately I have not had the time to work on the Bike for sometime so she is again back to my garage...very frankly I dont use this Bike except for weekends since it's highly unreliable when going to office or something...Currently the electric starter is cut off temporarily so it is irritating to use in traffic jams..moreover there is currently no side stand due to height issues so parking the Bike is another problem..over-heating at low speeds, knocking at low gears and extremely high NVH levels at 4000-6000 rpms or speeds of 40-60kmph has made the Bike highly unsuitable for city riding..I usually take her out for weekend rides...that's it for the time being...there are other niggling problems as seen with other old bikes for which getting spares is a mammoth can pay Kinetic anything but they will not give you spares no matter what...I have the stickers at home but not wasting them since I dont know if I should go for another set of paint job or not....if I use up the stickers then I doubt if Kinetic will give me another set ever again or not...feel like sueing them...buggers

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