You're favorite 150cc Indian Sport Bike?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some pictures:

Between the Pulsar 22o and the Laser 170 , despite both sporting shoulder fairings there is a hell and heaven difference in technology and refinement. The Laser is an old school design with a 4-valve engine unsuitable for city riding. While the Pulsar 220 is the matured face of Indian motorcycle industry. It's a very well finished bike with mapped Fuel Injection system - extremely refined and smooth. It's a product that has been designed very well and looks good too. The Laser on the other hand has the worst injection system possible the CV carb fails to deliver most of the time and the bike tends to suffer from idling issues..still I love the bike...lolz

Now I use this bike for weekend riding only when I dont have dodge everyday traffic. I love cruising on empty highways at around 7000 rpm where the bike behaves very smoothly...

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Anonymous said...

u look gud in dis snap. wish u had a better helmet as orange is 2 loud a color.
nevertheless its a nice blog.