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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tulsyan Automobiles - The face of Kinetic in Calcutta

Kinetic could'nt have found a better match than in Tulsyan Automobiles - their dealer and service center in Calcutta. There is not a single word in the English Dictionary that will be able to express how bad they actually are. Since the last 4 years that I have known them and had dealt with them innumerable times I have come to a conclusion that they can win the Worst Automobile Dealer's of India trophy with great ease. Nevertheless Kinetic will the leading the pack as the Worst 2 Wheeler Manufacturer in the World trophy. I will have a heart attack with uncontrollable anger if I try to pen down the incidents I had with them till date but I will highlight today's incident:

I drove to the their workshop(a makeshift shelter in a factory compound which used to be some kind of a storehouse before) this morning at around 9:30am only to find out the security guard ( of the factory which houses the workshop) at the gate told me to come after 11:30am. I was literally shocked to hear that the Kinetic Workshop opens at 11:30am. When I asked him since when has it been opening so late he said he had no idea and suggested me to come back at the said time. Now since I was passing through the area I thought it would be a good idea to take a pitstop at the workshop and I might be lucky enough to find a few of the spares I needed badly. But then again I didn't think it was prudent enough to wait for nearly two hours only to find that the workshop still didn't have the spares that I wanted so I turned my car around an drove off...

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