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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Restoration & Maintenance: Other bike spares that matches with the Kinetic GF170 Laser

Just incase owners of the GF170 are not able to source the parts at all from their local service centers then they may Call Mr. Vinod Patwa of Kinetic ,Pune @ +91 9860558788 and use my reference...If he is unable to get you the parts then please read on:-

The following is a list of parts which may be sourced from a different motorcycle where the parts may be an exact match or near exact match or maybe a work around for the spares of the Kinetic Gf 170 Laser. The parts of the Laser are hard to comeby hence this kind of list might as well come handy for those who own this motorcycle.

Note: This list is designed to help owners source spare parts for the Laser from different bike however fitting the parts as advised in this post might harm your motorcycle hence user discretion is requested.

  1. Switchgear : Exact match may be found on the old TVS Fiero or Royal Enfield bikes.
  2. Carburetor : Same ones are used in the Pulsar 180 classic.
  3. Front Fork Oil Seals : Same as Hero Honda Splendor.
  4. Tail Lamp bulb : Same as the ones on TVS Fiero.
  5. Fuel Line : Similar to TVS Fiero.
  6. Chain & Sprocket Kit : Similar to Bajaj Boxer (size match only).
  7. Gear Linkages : Similar to Hero Honda CBZ.
  8. Engine oil filter : Exact match may be found on the old TVS Fiero.
  9. Timing Chain adjuster : Similar to the ones on the TVS Fiero.
  10. Rear Brake shoes : Similar to that of Yamaha RX100.
  11. Spark Plug : The same ones used in Bajaj Pulsar 150.
Hoping that the above info must have helped you all...will keep on updating as new data is gathered.

Source: Share Different bikes Parts