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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kinetic Auto is now Mahindra 2 Wheelers!

Well one bad apple has been bought by an equally callous customer. Kinetic's 2 wheeler division has been bought by the Mahindra's so that the later could make an entry into the two wheeler industry. You would say hey that's old news. I know it's old news and that is precisely I'm writing about it. It's been a while that Mahindra's have bought over Kinetic Auto but on the ground hardly anything has changed except for the display banner in front of the empty showrooms. Even the new website does not work! I must say Mahindra's have lived upto Kinetic's reputation of bad quality products and extremely bad after sales service. When I had heard about Kinetic's takeover by the Mahindra's I was overjoyed on one hand and skeptical on the other. I was optimistic about this new development almost comparing it to the massive restructuring of Yamaha India sometime back. Unlike Yamaha of India which had completely reinvented itself as if a phoenix has risen nothing much has changed with Mahindra 2 Wheelers. The Kolkata showroom and it's staff remain exactly where Kinetic had left. The service center in Kolkata is still a make shift operation. And worst case is that they don't have any workforce there is no infrastructure like the Bajaj Pro-Biking Service Stations and they still don't have any supply of spares. It's like Kinetic sells only guns and no ammunition supply follow. Nobody told them it seems that even if you stop production of some of your old models you can still make a lot of money by just making spares for them. People will buy them for any amount of money. I called up Kinetic's factory a few months back. I had a word with a certain someone in the Spares & Service Dept. who blatantly told me that Kinetic is no longer under technical collaboration with Hyosung of Korea and they have even stopped producing the spare parts of these bikes. At least Hyosung was smarter than the Mahindra's. I requested him if he could send me a couple of spares I urgently needed to get my GF 170 back on to the road he declined my request by saying that the new owners have different plans. I had then sent him an email as well to which there was no reply ever.