You're favorite 150cc Indian Sport Bike?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The GF series was based on two of the best looking bikes of the '80s

The GF170 Laser Sport Edition was a improvised version of the GF125 motorcycle made by Hyosung Motors of Korea, for India only. Among the major changes that came into place with the introduction of this model in mid 2003 was that the engine capacity was increased to 165cc from the existing capacity of 124cc.

Arguably the engineers at Kinetic, who claimed that this was their handiwork led us to believe that the new engine had a surprisingly low NVH level. NVH was one of the reasons which killed the GF125 but I guess we have discussed that several times in earlier posts.

Another thing that kept me intrigued about the design of the GF170 was that it had a front half-fairing instead of the round headlight front end of the GF125. The design of the fairing was very fluid and gelled completely with the rest of the design of the bike. It was as if the engineers at Kinetic Pune had cracked the puzzle successfully.

But the answer is NO. No they did not.

Our guys were clever enough to add the only missing design element of the GF125 which was a shift from the original motorcycle on which it was based. Yes the half fairing. The GF125 was as a matter of fact based on two of the best best looking motorcycles of the '80s ie. the Honda VF750F "Sabre"  and the Kawasaki GPZ900R "Ninja"! The front fairing on the Laser was a complete rip off from the Honda Sabre 750. But the most distinctive resemblance with the Honda is the  double down-tube diamond frame chassis. Then there is the design of the Fuel tank and the Fuel "On/OFF" button. The design is strikingly identical.